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Apr 17, 2020
Hi folks,
Now a days people are changing work method.People are moving from hard work to a very easy work.This easy work is online work.People work online to earn money.There are different methods of earning online.Some people work for someone to earn money while someone make their own business.But for me the most easy method to earn online is web developing or blogging.People create a professional website earn money by placing ads on website.Making a site is not just a method of earning, you have to work hard for your website to earn.If you have more interested things on your website more people will visit your site and it will increase the chance of earning more.Mostly people reach your website from google search result.So it is necessary to get your site at higher position in google search result.Today i am going to explain how to rank your website in google.Today’s topic is ” How to rank website on Google ” or ” Rank website on google without Backlinks “.

Most of the web developers use wordpress for their website.Wordpress is a best software for a content sharing website.There are many other software’s available but most of the bloggers use Wordpress.So today i am going to share information about ranking a wordpress website on google.You can also script your own website code if you are expert in programming.So lets move to the topic.

Website Design
The first thing you need to manage is your website/blog style.The structuer of website/blog is a very important structure.The style of a website has a great attraction for the visitors.
To create a site structuer you need to manage the stylesheet of your website.You can also use pre-crafted themes for the structure of your website/blog

Website Details
Website information is a major thing.I have tried a multiple times to rank my website without backlinks with different methods.
I have experienced that you should have a complete information about your website.First time when i made my website i did not created website fully.
I just entered the website name and a title for the website.I did not made any of the contact, privacy and about us page.I failed to rank my website.
I have noticed that people are attracted to those websites which have a good structure and have a full information about them.
So before posting you need to write about your services and about the site privacy.You should create a couple of pages about your website and services.
You should have at least one page about your blog and one for contact information.You should post full and described details about your website.

Website Speed

Website speed is another important thing.A website speed is another attractive thing for your visitors.Those website which have slow speed are less attractive.People don’t wait for you.You have to manage your website speed.
A website which have a good speed is more attractive.Google also index those website which have good speed.

How to increase a website speed?
There are many ways to increase your website speed.A website speed depends on couple of thing the hosting server speed, website structure and media files on your site.

Optimizing Your Website?

Another way to increase your website speed is optimizing your website and minifying your theme stylesheet.There are many plugins to optimize your website.
You can purge your website cache with plugins to increase your website performance.I mostly use W3 Total Cache.There are many other tools.Another great plugin is WP Rocket.I recommend you to use the plugin suggested by your hosting provider.
You can also minify your website css to increase your website.Just remove the spare code in your website css.There are also many tools to minify your website codes.
The tool i use to minify my website code is W3 Total Cache.

Link to plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/

Media Files
The media files on your website is another major thing that affect your site performance.Mostly people upload extra high qulty images on there website which cause slow speed.
You must optimize your website images to get good speed.There are different methods to optimize images.You can optimize a image online via tinypng.com before uploading it to your website.You can also optimize images with plugins.
I mostly use both of these methods first i optimize images on tinypng.com and then i use the plugin SMUSH Plugin to upload images on website.
If these methods are not enough to optimize you can manually optimize them with Adob Photoshop.
Another thing google recommend us is that to use the modern images format.Google recommend us to use JPEG XR and JPEG 2000 instead of a PNG and JPG.

Keyword is another important thing to rank a website.Keyword is a important thing to gain traffic to your website.You can find a keyword with atlease 10k searches and medium competition.
Keywords maybe your website name or maybe the articles title.Keywords example is ” Rank website on Googe “.Keywords maybe short term or long term.The short term keyword is ” Rank Website ” and the long term keyword is ” Rank Website on Google without Backlinks “.
There are different tools to search best keyword.I mostly use Googole Keyword Planner.

Content Writing and Sharing

The major thing is articles or content of your website.A website with well explained articles are more attractive.Google rank those website which have a great information about the thing articles is written.
To get more auidence to your website you should have to write depply about the content.A well explained article is more attractive.People are interested to learn about things.If you will write deep information
and explain a single point of the content you will have more auidence and google will rank your website.


Mostly people reach to your website by searching it on google.Maybe tomorrow google will remove your site from search result due to some reason?So what will you do? You will loss your audience.So another thing to maintain your site auidence is to use a subsription plugin.just like people subsribe to channels so they may miss the next videos.So they subscribe to channels to get a notification via email or other methods on next update by their favorites.There are many plugins available at wordpress plugins library for the subsription.It will help you to keep your auidence aware of your next updates.

Link to Mailchimp Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-subscribe-sm/

Mistakes in Articles Writing

People makes mistakes during writing a article.The most common mistake people make during articles writing is grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.Most of the people believe that they are very genius and write articles without attention.Those type of people make grammar and spelling mistakes.
You should write articles with full of your attention.You should double check your article before publishing.

Google Translate

English is almost a worldwide language today.But still some people are living in nineteen century and prefer to their country language.So for those type of people google is available.Google have a incredible service of tanslating ( Google Translate ).English is almost a worldwide language but for the people who are interested to read your articles in their language google translate is available.Wordpress have a goolge translate plugin available in plugins library.You can install this plugin to impress those type of people.

Search Engine Optimization

You have heard the word SEO many times.You see this word everywhere but never thought what is the actual meaning of SEO.SEO stands for search engine optimization.SEO is a way to provide information that a search engine fetch from our website.Search engine optimization is a way to provide information to search engine.When we use a SEO plugin it help us to provide information to search engines.All search engines have a method to fetch the information.This method is know as Algorithm.Every search engine has a algorithm which is used to fetch information of different sites.All of the search engines fetch information from websites and blogs and provide to a search result.As i said earlier SEO is a way to provide information to search engines according to their algorithm.There are many SEO plugins if you are using wordpress.

The plugin i personally use is Yoast.

Link to Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/


Another major thing is updates.Everything should be updated with time to time.Wait…wait i am not only talking about the server updates but i am also talking about the updating the articles.You need to update the webserver with time to handle your website traffic.But you also need to keep updating the articles which are already posted on your website.
You should keep updating articles with the update of the content about which articles is written.For example if i post a article about the facebook android app.But when facebook makes a update in application i should also update the topic with newer version.Or if i post a tutorial on windows installation but on the next update windows installation method is changed i should upgrade the article.

That is the all i have about indexing website on search engines. If you have any question or suggestion post it please. Thanks


May 10, 2020
Thats great man i was searching for that for FireX site.
Just a question i don't know if its related with this topic or not, my site is kinda slow.
Any way to fix that from my end and permissions?


Apr 17, 2020
Thats great man i was searching for that for FireX site.
Just a question i don't know if its related with this topic or not, my site is kinda slow.
Any way to fix that from my end and permissions?
Thanks for feedback. I do love to help you to optimize your site. But can you share your hosting specs and a speed test report from google or matrix.
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May 11, 2020
WoW ! Thanks Rehan for the detailed explanation on "How to Rank websites on Google"
I was searching the internet for more information on the same topic lately.
And you helped me find the Precise information here.
Thanks a LOT, Helped me a LOT !