My Hosting Account is suspended. What must I do?

Pacific Spirit

Staff member
HostLease Media Group NL
Apr 14, 2020
[size=small]Has your hosting account been suspended or deleted? How do I solve this?[/size]
[align=left][size=small][size=small]Your accounts can be suspended for a number of reasons[/size][/size][/align]
  • 1.) You exceeded the Bandwidth limit (VPS)
  • 2.) You have taken advantage of the free service (VPS)
  • 3.) You exceeded the Inodes (Shared Hosting)
  • 4.) Do not use the hosting service if the rules (ALL)
  • 5.) Hosted scripts that violate our rules (ALL)
  • 6.) Use service for Phishing (ALL)
  • 7.) Use service as DDoS (ALL)
  • 8.) You have not made the required posts that are needed! (VPS)
  • 9.) Your VPS is not used in the first 48h.
[align=left][size=small]To solve this problem you can do the following.[/size][/align]
  • Open a thread on the Forum of LNB-Hosting
  • Explain clearly why you think your Shared / Reseller / VPS was wrongly suspended.
  • The admins and moderators will view your topic and explain why.
  • Do not bump your thread for a quick response because you may run a risk that your account will get a warning.
  • All suspended accounts that cannot be unsuspended are automatically deleted within 24 hours (1 day). - Provided there is a soft suspension with a clear indication that a VPS is being unblocked.
  • - NOTE: If you exeeded your bandwidth then it will cost € 20 to clean your bandwidth otherwise you have to wait until next month (If making enough posts!) _