GTA V (5) free for a limited time.


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Apr 14, 2020
Yeah. Rockstar is doing this amazing Giveaway till 21st of this month. Well, even though it's a game from 2013, it's so damn popular.

And it won't, expire that's the beauty of this Giveaway. :)


Apr 17, 2020
Thank you for providing the link. I have grabbed 1 today early morning. That's really great. I wish i could download WWE 2K20 same as GTA V. :p


Apr 17, 2020
It is quite impressive seeing rockstar, who is known to be money hungry, giving out the game for free! Insanely impressive from my point of view! Those who have had gta earlier on know how rockstar makes everything in gta v online super expensive to force people into buying “shark cards” which gain you in game currency... this is basically how rockstar makes an insane amount of money.... for a matter of fact, they make more money from shark card sales than they do from selling the game (gta v) itself.

so what they did here is offered the game for free in hopes that people that get it also spend money to get shark cards, which means more money for rockstar!!!

However, here is what actually happened:

rockstart gta online pc servers got FLOODED with people, and they were not able to keep up at all. Pc modders and hackers increased by A LOT. Which completely ruined the game experience to all pc users playing gta v online!!! Imagine playing so hard for years and putting in so much time, money and effort. Only for an idiot who got the game for free to ruin it for you! Super unfair.

I personally play gta v online on ps4. For a matter of fact, I’ve had it since the day it was released on ps4!!! And i have been playing it for years! I’ve come extremely far when it comes to progress in gta v online. And I have finished the story mode in one day! I’m a bit outraged that I spent $60 on a game that rockstar recently gave away for free. However, I am not a big fan of pc gaming so this offer wasn’t for me anyway.

in conclusion, this offer is great to those who always wanted gta v on pc but couldn’t afford/get it. I just wished people wouldn’t have abused it!


May 11, 2020
The game was available till 21th of May. But you replied on 25th May. :p Are you sure you got a free copy? or just created a post.
Lmao. I wanted it too.I replied the post as soon as I saw it. After that, when I clicked the link, I understood, the sale was finished :p.
Now, I must adjust with the hacked version only :p
I didn't bothered to edit it again. :p