LNB-Hosting is operated by the HostLease Media Group EU. which is located in Heerde, Netherlands. LNB-Hosting offers web hosting administrator accounts that can be used to provide paid and free hosting services worldwide. LNB-Hosting reserves the right to cancel your administrator or any of your end user account if it violate our terms of service. LNB-Hosting provides web hosting to any site that abides to our terms and conditions. LNB-Hosting reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. LNB-Hosting users are entirely liable for all activities conducted through your administrator and all your end clients accounts.

The following rules apply while using LNB-Hosting services to you and all your end users.

If any violation of these rules will occur LNB-Hosting reserves a right to suspend a violating account. You, as an administrator, will have a permission to reactivate your client account. After the account will be reactivated, you or your client will have 12 hours to resolve the incident. If incident will not be resolved in 12 hours after you will reactivate account or any violation will occur in future by the same account, LNB-Hosting reserves a right to terminate violating account and disable client profile (we will not disable your administrator profile, only your end client profile).

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